Welcome to Undeleterious.com, the home of my online photograph gallery. This site displays examples of the photographs I have uploaded and made available in my Flickr account. It does this by using the Flickr API and the phpFlickr class. I also use the Google Maps API to plot locations of photos in the maps section.

I have been taking photographs since early 2007, when I purchased my Canon EOS 400D. This site was set up shortly afterwards as a place to share my photos with you. The name of this site was inspired by the Dictionary.com word of the day on 24th May 2000, which was 'deleterious' (meaning harmful). I added the 'un' prefix, and in doing so effectively changed the meaning to harmless. Probably because this is such an unusual word it just stuck and I've been using it as a psuedonym since.

I hope you enjoy my photos and welcome any comments, which can be either submitted via Flickr (an account is needed) or by e-mail.